6 Jun 2014

Anything but water

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  1. Is there a wonk bubble? No -- wonks are raising the quality of public debates and replacing academic outlets such as journals. Next in line: seminars and conferences (I just skipped a conference because I don't want to spend 6 hours -- and $100 -- on trains for a few talks) except for their social dimension of informal exchange. Speaking of virtual, the Mormons go big online -- and get believers through the relaxed interface of chats

  2. Speaking of wonks, I recommend fivethirtyeight.com for data-driven blogging, e.g., the importance of "cap" to cap and trade and tracing FIFA corruption

  3. Forget migrants stealing your job -- worry about the kids. Better yet, get off your butt and provide value

  4. Tienanmen was 25 years ago (many of my Chinese students did not know anything about it), but the forces that underlie it are strengthening again. The Party is trying to reform while holding onto power, but NGOs put citizens ahead of corrupt bureaucrats

  5. I finished three seasons of "Yes Minister," a genius BBC program that ran in the early 80s. The show's scathing portrayal of bureaucratic obfuscation and political opportunism is still relevant (and ridiculous). You can watch the videos here or here. Bring your dry humour

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