23 Jun 2014

Anything but water

  1. Read this UN Report on "Inclusive Wealth" if you want an alternative to GDP (my critique) that considers human capital, environmental stocks, and income inequality. The table on the right illustrates how GDP misses important factors

  2. Eleven maps explaining the US energy system -- and a great article on how countries have removed (and failed to remove) energy subsidies. The current transfer from citizens to energy consumers (usually the richer citizens) is worth $500+ billion per year

  3. Europe's football teams would fall apart without immigrants. Would the Front Nationale win if France didn't even qualify for the World Cup?

  4. How to write philosophy -- and write in general, how to write a GREAT grant proposal, and how to REALLY use a dictionary

  5. An ad man explains where economists get human behavior wrong. Very insightful:
    Business and academia are fundamentally different. In academia you have to be right, in business you've just got to be less stupid, less wrong than your competitors. And so the approach we have to progress is fundamentally different.
H/T to MG

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