13 Jun 2014

Anything but water

  1. Morbid but accurate:
    Churchill said he needed just one American soldier to ensure Europe's defence, “preferably dead”.
  2. An interesting counterpoint to "business's only task is to maximize profits to shareholders" notes that shareholders have second priority, after the corporation, i.e., make the corporation strong -- with employees, government, and customers -- over the long run. A short run emphasis on profits that weakens long run viability is NOT good for the corporation -- or society

  3. The Ming Dynasty's narcissistic isolationism weakened China. The same can happen to the US

  4. Governments spend (lose) $2 trillion per year subsidizing energy use. That's not just bad for local and global pollution, it's bad for "development" (health, education, etc.) Rich countries gave $125 billion in assistance in 2013. Perhaps they should end aid to countries that subsidize energy (e.g., Egypt), so that they only help those who are helping themselves

  5. Policy guideline: The "yoga theorem" says that a policy's cost rises with its inflexibility, e.g., regulating carbon emissions at energy plants versus taxing carbon

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David Patrick Green said...

Interesting stuff. I especially found the article re. the history of "responsibilities to shareholders" enlightening.

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