3 Jun 2014

Anything but water

  1. (Younger) people are less likely to "live in the moment" that they're trying to record. I saw this in a big (and annoying) way at a party in Istanbul last weekend. I recorded it, of course. (DJ Sharam was ridiculously good, so you'll have to imagine the other 2 hrs :)

  2. Politicians should stop engineering housing and educational outcomes that leave people with debt and overpriced "assets" and government does NOT know how to run healthcare. As I said 5 years ago (here and here), regulation (mandatory insurance) and competition is the way to go

  3. An academic tries to undo ridiculous gerrymandering -- with some success

  4. Watch this fun video... even if you don't need a new bike stand

  5. A harsh critique of Saudi Arabia's public health system and poor response to MERS

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