15 May 2014

Teaching is connecting but it's not easy

I got this email from one of my SFU students:
I gained a lot useful knowledge from this class. At first I would thought this class was more of a theory-based class. I would learn a lot of models like I did in Econ 301 and 305. On the contrary, this is a very practical class, many stuff I learned can actually apply to real life and remind me what something has happened or is happening around me, just that I never paid attention to it. Moreover, through the process of doing briefing, blog post and homework 3 and 4, I also gained new knowledge about environment issues.
...and this from someone who was watching my lectures on YouTube:*
Sir, Thank your for uploading those lecture videos. Otherwise I would never know that economics can be easy if u think right direction. I am from Bangladesh.
I also got my student evaluations recently. My small class [pdf] ranked me 4th best professor. My larger class (82 students, of whom 40 showed up on average) was divided [pdf]. Some loved the challenge (see quotation); others thought it unfair. It's not easy forcing students to face new ideas and methods of learning.

Check out all my teaching materials (homeworks, exams, lectures, etc.) here.

* Or perhaps these 2009 lectures from UC Berkeley, which have subtitles in 50 languages

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