7 May 2014

Speed blogging

  1. In my rush across three continents, I forgot to post these talks:
    The first one (Water Values) is a great overview of the book. There's even a transcript!

  2. This post explores the importance of aquifer "heterogeneity" (irregularity) on governance; this one explains how Amsterdam uses sand dunes to filter its drinking water; and this one gives an update on the link between higher irrigation efficiency ("more crop per drop") and HIGHER water use

  3. I'm still shocked to see this announcement that "heavy water users" in Beijing will be charged CNY160/m3 for water (that's $26/m3 folks!). Perhaps it's related to the announcement of more desalination (which costs $1-2/m3) projects?

  4. Related: a mine in South Africa is converting mine tailings water (about as dirty as you can get) into drinking water. Canadian firms in the oil sands claim it's "too expensive" to drain/reclaim the land they've damaged. The South Africans have shown them up, and it seems that Alberta's regulator is starting to lose patience. About time. (This 2011 post details the oil firms attempts to avoid financial liability for their pollution)
Hattips to RM and JW

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TT said...

I just listened to your podcast with Dave McGimpsey and thought you did a great job of discussing the various ways in which we valuate our most precious resource.

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