28 May 2014

Speed blogging

  1. UC Davis researchers say drought (and lower water deliveries) will reduce agricultural jobs by 6,000 or so. This (simulated) result is (1) far lower than their wildly wrong estimates from the 2009 drought and (2) tiny in the big picture of jobs in California. The bigger impact will be felt by big farmers, who are lobbying furiously to deplete groundwater and environmental flows

  2. Penny wise, pound foolish: Australia's government axes its national water commission

  3. The 1997 UN Convention on the Non-navigational Uses of International Watercourses goes live in August. That's a good sign for people worried about transboundary water grabs (China more than the US or Europe), since there's no global government

  4. Fleck asks why changing water flows more "controversial" than, say, changing energy flows. I answer ("monopolies") there

  5. A bridge that's designed to be submerged can save soil, water and travel time

  6. Whoops! Household chemicals go down the drain, into sludge, onto fields, and into your food

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