23 May 2014

Speed blogging

  1. I gave a talk last week "Squaring the circle: Saving money and water for residential customers in Riyadh" (PDF slides and 66 min MP3). I should have spent more time on the idea of paying people to NOT use water priced at SAR 0.10/m3 ($ 0.03/m3 or $0.08/CCF) that costs $3/m3 to produce, but that discussion implies water rights that have not been formalized. Perhaps they should be, when the situation is so lopsided. Related: Remove subsidies (that often go to the rich) to help the poor

  2. There will be a forum on May 22, 2014 on local ground water monitoring, surface water supplies, and the challenges and opportunities to sustain our water resources in Butte County, California. These should be happening EVERYWHERE in the US and world. On a related note, Water Values has added blogging (local leadership and infrastructure) to its podcasts

  3. Amazing photos of an (interrupted) trip down the Grand Canyon. Related: How to remove California dams without decreasing system performance by Sarah Null, who no longer says O'Shaughnessy (Hetch Hetchy) should go. Also see this paper on "trading dams" as a means of improving ecosystem flows without reducing hydropower production.

  4. Greenhouse innovations in dry dry dry Spain

  5. A typical post on investment opportunities in water (technology) that will make money... as long as we refuse to reform the outdated institutions driving waste and inefficiency today (hint: read my book :)

  6. A retired nuclear engineer writes:
    Your comments on the use of water by Thermoelectric power plants should note that post-1972 EPA regs state that all cooling water discharged to lakes or rivers must be cooled close to ambient temperatures
    So why do people talk about thermal pollution in the US? Is it only water behind dams that comes at the wrong temperature?