16 May 2014

Speed blogging

(Sorry, I have a lot of material stacked up for you. Enjoy!)
  1. Water and Hydraulic Fracturing and Responsible Investing in Canada (live webcast) on 29 May

  2. Participate in the OECD Survey “Stakeholder Engagement for Effective Water Governance” before 5 June

  3. The evolution of clean water laws under the influence of citizen-watchdogs, a comparison of water governance at national versus regional levels in the EU, the LACK of progress for women who get water at wells closer to their home (waiting time is close to walking time), and an examination of unnatural (engineer-caused) disasters on the Mississippi

  4. Bureaucratic overload: California's Dept of Water Resources doesn't even know how many agencies supply water. WTF?

  5. The US government studies dams as a source of new, green power. No sign of studies to reduce demand for energy or decommission worthless dams. Fail
H/T to GD, DL and RM

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