26 May 2014

Anything but water

  1. I've piled up a number of papers that may interest you (all links go to PDFs):
    • Energy consumers respond more strongly to information on energy use than higher prices. Attention!
    • Methane emissions during fracking mean that source of natural gas produces more CO2 than oil
    • The GAO suggests capturing these emissions to reduce GHGs and increase government royalties

  2. It's good to be born in the US if you're born rich. If not, it's better to be born in Canada or the Netherlands

  3. The Canadians, OTOH, routinely mistake jobs for benefits. They're not because jobs are costs (imagine 20 people trying to get you a coffee at Starbucks -- just before it goes out of business). The typical clip to the right is from Toronto real estate developers making fat profits off political connections. They rarely mention the COSTS of their developments (congestion, pollution, missed opportunities for better development). If you want jobs-costs (energetically) explained to you, then watch this 3 minute video

  4. Kids need to take risks to learn to take care of themselves

  5. Race to the bottom: Australia is reversing its climate policies, science and carbon tax. North Carolina outlaws climate change. I wonder where people will suffer the most?

  6. This look inside modern dairies may lead you to buy your own cow (wow -- a good use for your lawn?)
H/T to RM and JX

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