13 May 2014

Anything but water

  1. This sweet, funny video encourages you to "look up from your phone" and talk to the people next to you. It's a direct response to the unsocial side of social networks that I discussed in Why I quit Facebook, I'm back on Facebook and Coping with social networks

  2. I highly recommend this discussion of coal, politics, poverty and corruption in West Virginia

  3. The Economist deconstructs Putin's strategy of using disinformation and Russian nationalism to dominate his people. Given his pride, I agree that the best strategy may be to ridicule Putin as a foolish power junkie. Maybe he will stop ruining people's lives if people call him a thuggish idiot who builds castles in the sand. Hey Putin! You're an idiot! (Related: A Russian analyzes Putin as a Soviet zombie and how (private) returns to (anti-social) aggression)

  4. Politicians throw climate science under the bus to advance short term gains (Saudi Arabia vetoed a Dutch attempt to include emissions by income level. Gasoline costs €0.05/liter ($0.27/gallon) here

  5. Culture clash: "A tense taxi journey across the Saudi desert makes an American author consider the folly of nationality"

  6. Peak Time Rebates for using less energy are just as silly as "use it or lose it" water property rights

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