8 May 2014

Anything but water

  1. Funny, informative video rant on US healthcare costs. I agree that single payer would be better. I'd repeat that "price inelasticity" is driven by employer-provision of health insurance club membership

  2. Want to see how crazy tax regulations get? Try to understand how to tax a burrito in San Francisco

  3. Amazing! (not!): Grad students get really smart -- and done -- when their funding stops

  4. Oil and gas companies will lose $10 trillion if we stop burning carbon. The last time such a "taking" occurred was when slaves were freed taken during the US civil war. Three percent of the US population died then (750,000 out of a non-slave population of 27.5 million people). That's the equivalent of about 9.5 million people today. I'm not sure that 100 people would die over carbon, which (following the article's logic) means that the oil/gas companies will NOT lose their assets. Time to adapt to a world of +5 degrees

  5. But forget burning oil. Let's spill it and create jobs, says a pipeline company

  6. Slightly depressed? Watch this machine eat a car and imagine how the car feels!
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