8 Apr 2014

Speed blogging

First too little water, then too much!
  1. A Fresno-based bishop asks Omaba to intervene and save them from the drought [pdf]. Maybe he forgot about the separation of church and state? Maybe he doesn't trust the Almighty to deliver water? Maybe it's time for Exodus II.

  2. Note from a regulator (paraphrased):
    Ratemaking games still dominate. Cities project consumption patterns that double or triple observed patterns. Then they forecast ludicrous sales increases to transform a legitimate rate increase of 30% into a politically palatable 3% [lower increase per customer b/c more customers]. Those mistakes will be adjusted on future water bills, but that process takes place AFTER approval of new tariffs, and few people notice surcharges that show up 2-3 years later.
  3. UK Water companies implement social tariffs because the UK government will not give income support to the poor (and companies who do not want bad publicity from shutting off customers can fund subsidies by raising prices for other customers). On the same topic, these academics say -- as I have -- that governance is more important than laws in getting water to the poor

  4. A lack of data on fracking may kill a great opportunity. Companies and regulators should disclose everything to consumers if they want to avoid a backlash

  5. The Colorado Delta may not be as dead as people say -- good news for the ecology; bad news for irrigators who may still lose their water to the public trust (the same is true in the Sac-SJ Delta, where exporters pray for eco-death so they can export ALL the water)
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