28 Apr 2014

Speed blogging

  1. Ed Dolan wrote a great review of Living with Water Scarcity

  2. Some details on the Pacific Garbage Patch plastic miasma (no good news)

  3. Local officials in Edmonton, Alberta say that climate change will raise flooding costs by $4 per year per household. No biggie, so let's keep that oil flowing, eh?

  4. The Saudi government just opened the world's largest desalination plant ($7+ billion cost; capacity of 1 million cubic meters/day). Using a rough guess of costs of $1/m3 and tariffs of $0.10/m3, it looks like they are planning to lose money on every unit but make it up on volume. I'll be drinking some of that water in a few days.

  5. Robert Stavins protests at the IPCC's gutting of the climate change summary. Seems that governments don't want to admit they have done little -- despite 20+ years of meetings -- to address climate change. Too bad for use, given that's government's main job

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