16 Apr 2014

Speed blogging

Still getting caught up, after the book launch and teaching...
  1. Engineers use smarter sensors to test quality and reduce system leaks. Now they only need manager motivated to reduce leaks

  2. Fleck discusses the Bureau of Reclamation's "option" to pay attention to endangered species and puts the "minute 319 pulse" release of water into the Colorado River Delta into perspective (figure). That "environmental experiment" is tiny compared to irrigator diversions that drain the river 98 percent of the time

  3. Brian Richter (of the Nature Conservancy) discusses sources and uses of water in the US. Insightful

  4. Hanak et al. suggest a route to reforming groundwater management in California. Can we get going on this?

  5. Daniel Connell (a governance expert from ANU) critiques (unsustainable and unfair) water management in the Murray-Darling. The response is worth reading

  6. Alibaba (the eBay of China) brings cheap water quality testing to the people in a brilliant, bottom-up move to pressure authorities to address pollution

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