3 Apr 2014

Speed blogging

  1. University of British Columbia has a series of videos on managing stormwater runoff

  2. Academics: People will pay to improve tap water quality when they have poor quality tap water! Technology is making it easier (cheaper) to monitor environmental conditions*

  3. India is planning a series of dams in its Northwest. Locals are unlikely to benefit

  4. Asparagus production in Peru is depleting local water supplies.** Another example of private gains and social losses

  5. Watersmart asked San Francisco people how much water they use. They don't really know, but should they?

* Canadian scientists will need technology if they are going to survive funding cuts by a government desperate to hide environmental damage from oil/gas companies. (This stuff is straight out of Orwell.)

** The US DEA encouraged this crop (over objections of US farmers and USDA) to reduce the attraction of coca (cocaine) production. This may be a triple fail, as cocaine is still flowing into the US, American farmers are hurt, and Peruvian farmers have depleted their water (with World Bank money). Good job, guys.

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