9 Apr 2014

So how about those student blog posts?

Six weeks ago, I started posting 80 blog posts from students in third-year class on resource economics at Simon Fraser University.

I had students write and comment on posts as a means of learning how to write and think in public. You may have noticed that some posts are not as good as others, but there's no way to avoid quality problems. The only things that get done are the things that get started...

So... please comment on this process and give general advice on how students can improve their posts.


MK said...

I really have enjoyed reading the student's posts. Tag them by all means. It's very comforting to know that this generation is being provided the perspective of scarcity, global warming and not the me me me attitude some may Americans and westerners in general have. You're doing great work and truly admire it.

Anonymous said...

Great variety of topics covered - enjoyed reading the posts.

One comment on content is to always question any simplistic response to a problem - e.g. a 'silver bullet'. The issues addressed in these posts are part of complex systems and hence will resist any simple response.

The English was quite good in most of the posts....errors were in grammar details. The best way to improve is to have a native speaker / writer read the material. Reading the text out loud to yourself can also help.

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