7 Apr 2014

Living with Water Scarcity is OUT!

After six months of writing and revision, Living with Water Scarcity is available.

This book is a follow-up to The End of Abundance (2011), but:
  • I wrote it from scratch (no editing/revision of the old book)
  • It reflects my latest thinking on water tariffs, markets, environmental flows, etc.
  • It has ideas that I have not explored or explained here (this is not a tease -- it was just easier to describe them in the book)
  • It's shorter, cheaper and snappier than my earlier book. Lots of ideas in 110 pages!
  • It's got awesome illustrations!
You can buy the book in paperback ($10), Kindle ($4.99) and PDF ($5). Just go here.*

I'll be adding more material (references, video intro, etc.) to the book's webpages in the next few weeks, but I am posting this now for people who want the book!**

Bottom Line: I am happy to have this book for you to read. I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

* Note that amazon.com (.de, .fr, .uk. etc.) does NOT have the paperback listing posted yet. That should show up in the next week or so. You can buy the paperback from Createspace for the same price (Amazon owns Createspace; they are the "publish on demand" service that I've used for both books.)

** If you like it, then please tell your friends, leave feedback on amazon, etc. As a small publisher, I need all the promotion I can get!

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