23 Apr 2014

Bottom up trust

The trouble with people is that they are unreliable.

Most of us will not waste paper towels in the publish bathroom washroom, but the few who do make it necessary to install "paper rationing devices" that rarely work. The Canadian one here, luckily, can be opened from the top without a key when it (inevitably) breaks:

Wait. Unlocked? Yes, indeed, that Canadians sometimes find it's better to put a little more trust in people than Americans. That's what stopped me at this post-barrier in the road.

It is secured only by a nut and bolt (really hard to see that, except you DON'T see a huge lock). Anyone with some time can remove the bolt and post. Maybe that's a firetruck or city vehicle -- or perhaps someone who just *needs* to get by. People are trusted to not abuse the option.

Go Canada.

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