7 Apr 2014

Biogas-An Environmental Friendly Renewable Energy Resource

Erin Chang writes:*

Recently, some people propose to generate electricity from biogas rather than nuclear fission or fossil fuel. Biogas mainly contains methane, which is a high energy source, that can be generate electricity via a process called biogas upgrading. Moreover, the recent combined heat and power (CHP) technology can enhance the biogas utilization in order to achieve higher energy conversion efficiency. Biogas is not just environmental but also economical friendly because it is a collection of the high energy gases from the decomposition of agricultural crops, manure, and biowaste. After the decomposition, the material reminded can be used as a good quality fertilizer. Instead of concerning about the nuclear leak and toxicity of fossil fuel, biogas is a way safer and people do not need to concern about its safety. Therefore, it is time to promote biogas as mainly energy resource.

Bottom Line: As a renewable resource, biogas could replace nuclear fission or fossil fuel to generate electricity.

* These guest posts are from students in my resource economics class at Simon Fraser University. Please leave feedback on their logic, ideas and style and suggestions of how to improve.


Cem Satvan said...

I think your idea interesting but i do not believe biogas energy should be the next energy source.
It may be recyclable and can be produced from recycled waste but it is not efficient enough. The most important reason is that it can damage the metal of combustion engine, which makes it unable to use every industry. And another problem is that it produces malodour. Therefore, plants should be located far from living area. I believe that the best project for our planet to create sustainable energy is solar energy because it is obvious that human beings will live in this planet as long as sun exists.

3705 said...

Reply to Cem Satvan:
I agreed one of the reasons that you mentioned about why Biogas is not efficient.When I write it, I cant deny that I missed the point of it gonna hurt the metal of combustion engine. However, can you give the example about how the biogas gonna hurt the metal of combustion engine? I really want to know it. More importantly, the malodour problem you mentioned which actually not existed. Cuz the method I introduced in the article that can prevent malodour leaking out. The method collects the malodour and process it into electricity by adding some chemical and processing through steam engine.

By 3705

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