30 Apr 2014

Anything but water

  1. The key to success is not ignoring failure but learning from it (listen to this podcast)

  2. Use this willingness-to-pay calculator to divide rooms (and rent) among roommates

  3. Crony Republicans are weakening aid to foreigners and increasing the price of domestic energy by protecting the US-shipping cartel. Pathetic

  4. Gaming incentives: Saudi start ups can't get funding because 93 percent of investments are in real estate, which has excellent returns. Why? Land use regulations promote sprawl over infill. Commuters, renters and the environment lose

  5. A majority of Kitimat voters oppose the Northern Gateway pipeline that will bring oil to their coastal city. The pipeline should be popular ("jobs"), but there are 10 opponents to the pipeline for every promised job. (Local "jobs" benefits equal 0.2 percent of the pipeline's $6.5 billion cost.) Will BC's government listen?
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