18 Apr 2014

Anything but water

  1. Yes, it's a conspiracy: tax software companies lobby against US tax simplification

  2. Uh oh update: average temps will increase 4-5C with business as usual (i.e., reality). In related news, Al Qaeda has decided that the fastest way to destroy America is by inaction: we're screwing up without their help

  3. Solar vendors worry about "uncertainty" due to subsides. Their solution? Permanent subsidies

  4. Saudi Arabia will spend $1 trillion to double energy supplies... that are sold below cost. I bet they could save money (twice) by raising prices to reduce demand and the need for extra capacity (even if KSA has double the solar installations of Germany)

  5. Meanwhile, in Canada:
    Remediation of soil and water contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons (PHCs) will cost almost $41 billion... "the estimated magnitude of remediation work associated with PHC contaminated sites is projected to exceed the current annual capacity of the remediation industry by more than 57 times... The largest PHC contaminated site liabilities are in the provinces with large upstream oil and gas industries; those provinces also have relatively small remediation industries.” It concludes that since the cost of restoring polluted land would often be higher than the value of the land itself, “there is no net monetizable benefit to the economy as a whole associated with the remediation of a contaminated site.”
    Or, as the Onion would say: don't bother to clean up land that's not worth anything

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