17 Mar 2014

Will China's environment become better in the future?

Z writes:*

China is now the world second largest economy, with such high pace of development and industrialization, it comes with great cost, various environment pollution. A measurement of air pollution called PM 2.5 has been mentioned in China social media lately. These particulates matter have serious damage on human beings. Daily exposure to PM 2.5 above 25 is not recommend yet Beijing smog has reached 2540 times more than the safety standard. The air pollution in China has bad influence on both economy scale and environment scale, most foreign large enterprise and investment draw back from Beijing, the negative externality is huge and hard to recover if situation persist.

But things are getting better, in my point of view, there are three main reasons for the reduction of air pollution, first one is the transformation of economy, the transformation from industrialize sector to service and green factory sector will help reduce the air pollution. Next one is the awareness of self-well beings, as people get more wealthier, they tend to care more about their health, they do not want the economy boost at the cost of their own health. Last one is the technology development, more and more environmental friendly product has been invented, like maglev trains or electricity cars. Moreover, clean energy source is alternative way to reduce air pollution as well, for example, solar energy.

Bottom Line: China has developed very fast in the past 50 years at the cost of various pollution, but they already aware the problem and they are on the right path to solve it. With the help of technology, China’s environment will be better as well as the whole world environment in the future.

* These guest posts are from students in my resource economics class at Simon Fraser University. Please leave feedback on their logic, ideas and style and suggestions of how to improve.

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