5 Mar 2014

The negative effects of Invasive Species

Jiacheng Xu writes:*

The invasive species is a non-native species (include plants and animals) invade a new area which outside its natural range by different ways to cause negative impacts for the native environment, economy, society and human health with the increasing number of its population. And the invasive species commonly have three main characteristics: rapid reproduction, short growth cycle and the strong ability to adapt different environment conditions and habit types. Those characteristics make the invasive species have the advantage in local competition for living space and food affect native species to survive. Then the population of invasive species will increase significantly which threaten the local biological diversity. Therefore it will destroy the suitable habits for the other species which depend on the local biological diversity and change the ecological system.

Moreover, the invasive species can also bring direct and indirect economic harm. First of all, the invasive plants and animals will become the harmful organisms to affect to the economic development of agroforestry. Furthermore, it will bring the indirect huge economic loss by negatively influencing the ecological system which includes a series of water and soil, and climate effects.

Bottom Line: We should pay more attention about the invasive species problem and all countries should work together to minimize the effects.

* These guest posts are from students in my resource economics class at Simon Fraser University. Please leave feedback on their logic, ideas and style and suggestions of how to improve.


  1. In my previous job as an academic writing instructor, I saw many written pieces that had similar levels of English language difficulty as Jiacheng's writing shows here.

    While the intent of the piece is understandable, the grammar issues render the precise meaning of some of the phrases unclear (unless one has a decent understanding of the topic).

    For example, take the sentence, "And the invasive species commonly have three main characteristics: rapid reproduction, short growth cycle and the strong ability to adapt different environment conditions and habit types." The last item of the list of characteristics is almost certainly supposed to be "the strong ability to adapt to different environmental conditions and habitat types." The omission of "to," "~al," and "~at," though, alter the meaning to something completely different (and - in the case of most invasive species - not characteristic).

    Bottom Line: Best to have someone read a piece to correct fundamental language errors before it is published.

  2. This article is very informative about invasive species. However, I think you can improve the whole thing by providing some of the solutions toward this problem.

    I did a quick research and found out that government can help by regulating imports from foreign places. With a good monitoring system, it can help reduced this problems.

    Even for us, the regular civilians, can help reduce this problem by not bringing any foreign species to local environment.

    The websites list below suggest some of the solutions.




    Hope this helps

    #8587# Simon


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