27 Mar 2014

The Implement of Chinese Environmental Policy

W writes:*

So far, China is emitting the most carbon dioxide in the world. The Chinese government is saying that we have to lower the carbon dioxide. However, as the local governments carry out, local officers are implementing it in different purpose other than corruption.

As my family experience, the local officers in order to achieve the goal of reducing carbon dioxide, they shut down the electricity of the entire industry park in town, for example, every Monday, and Wednesday. Therefore, the factories could not produce any more during Mondays and Wednesdays. No production, no pollution, very “brilliant” decision. Actually, it is impossible for factories to stop working. They have their own generators. Generators burn diesels, then a shortage of diesels occurred.

That’s how the officers achieve their goal to reduce carbon dioxide. On the surface, the carbon dioxide is reduced because of no production. Statistical bureau collect data from local government not from individual factories. In fact, the pollution is even more, individual generators can’t be as efficient as power plant. We have to find out a way that can really help to reduce the pollution.

Bottom Line: The policy of reducing carbon dioxide is actually increasing carbon dioxide.

* These guest posts are from students in my resource economics class at Simon Fraser University. Please leave feedback on their logic, ideas and style and suggestions of how to improve.