31 Mar 2014

Speed blogging

  1. John Fleck is doing a series of great posts on water near the US-MX border: stranded with neighbors, the environmental-social border of wet and dry and the All-American canal, which is bigger than the Colorado River at that point

  2. California doesn't have a drought problem or water management problem. It has a demand problem. That's why "water cops" are ticketing people all over Sacramento. People need to be told what to do because they have no water meters! (To get LOTS of information on water in CA, watch these UC Davis seminars) Finally, this paper draws on Spanish experience to explain how California water markets fail

  3. I left a huge comment on managing water in British Colombia (many points drawn from Living with Water Scarcity). You can comment until 10 Apr, but you may want to sign a petition right now opposing a recent Canadian law "that gives oil, gas and mining companies the power to drill exploratory wells, build roads and dig giant test pits in BC’s provincial parks -- all in the name of pipeline and transmission line "research'." Holy dead whales, batman, sounds like Japan's destructive, corrupt policy!

  4. The NYT on climate-induced flooding (Miami is top of the list in the US) and how the (non-whale-killing) Japanese are adapting to floods
H/T to OB, CD and RM

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