25 Mar 2014

Speed blogging

  1. Duke Energy spills lots of toxic stuff. Political friends try to bail Duke out. Caught by enviros and EPA and reversed. We need to replace crony capitalism with performance insurance [pdf] to reduce these scams (AND improve oversight AND pay for clean ups)

  2. ND frackers have been dumping radioactive oil waste in water. Frackers CAN pay and SHOULD pay to produce more cleanly. I said that nearly 3 years ago in this (prescient?) op/ed, where I also explain how clean production is more profitable

  3. Racist price gouging on bottled water in W VA? Price discrimination (selling scarce water for more, to everyone) is better than racial discrimination

  4. Fleck covers the (experimental) restoration of flows on the Colorado. Fascinating insights on hydrology vs anthropology

  5. Good article discussing how northern California irrigators are not doing the Delta any favors
H/T to RM

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