18 Mar 2014

Speed blogging

  1. Santa Cruz, California is responding to "serious water shortage" like a conflicted drunk: YES, you can water your yard but NO, you will be fined $100 if you do so at the wrong time. After giving up on a link, I finally found Santa Cruz's water prices [pdf], which are cheap for some water but expensive for more. Those prices are clearly NOT high enough, since per capita use is 95 gallons/person/day (Sydney is about half that), and that $100 fine will buy you 20*748 = approx 15,000 gallons of water. Raise prices and put down the gun!

  2. Santa Cruz is not as crazy as Los Angeles, which puts lawns FAR ahead of people. I wrote about that on Zocalo Public Square. The obvious solution is to end LA's policy of allocating more water to people (and politicians) with large lots. The long-term solution is to listen to Andy of TreePeople: trees can improve Southern California's water quality, storage and flows

  3. I spoke on Los Angeles, the Delta and other local issues last week ("Living with Water Scarcity -- Options for California" -- PDF slides and 65 min MP3) at Stanford's Woods Institute for the Environment

  4. More evidence that large dams are uneconomical (they don't even get into negative environmental impacts)

  5. Competition and transparency: private water vendors help the poor (in Karachi, Pakistan) when they replace failing public services. Kenyans who could complain about failing water service (on their mobile phones) got a lot more [pdf]

  6. A long history of the All American CanalCalifornia's big (SWP & CVP) canals and some recent news on Imperial Valley's conflict over fallowing (for money) and farming (for the community). I predict that IID is going to get a LOT smaller, as it's much easier to import food to Southern California than export people from there. In the meantime, IID can minimize the harm by auctioning water among farmers.
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Anonymous said...

The Atlantic article is about the State Water Project and the Central Valley Project, not the All-American Canal.

BJW Kendall said...

David, did you see Santa Cruz's implementation of a Stage 3 Water Shortage in accordance with their water shortage contingency plan?


Looks like when the S#!t hits the fan they're willing to give "Some for free, pay for more" a shot (to the tune of $50/CCF for more). Confusingly (I had to clarify this with a phone call to the dept.) they're still using the first three tiers of their IBR structure to bill for the 10 CCF water allotment. From my understanding, these 'penalties' along with the water police fines are not revenues regulated under prop 26. Interesting...

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