12 Mar 2014

Speed blogging

  1. The Economist on resources, the high seas and environmental backlash

  2. A judge is ruling that Metropolitan Water District overcharged the San Diego County Water Authority. I've agreed with that for awhile, but the lawsuit is going to be appealed and there's no improvement in water management or pricing. FAIL.

  3. China's South-North water transfer looks unfair, unsustainable and uneconomic

  4. Politicians around the world undermine flood insurance by mispricing risk. Expect human and financial disaster

  5. Some southern California water managers say there's no shortage of water, but Long Beach declared an "imminent water shortage." What's that mean?
    Residents will now be barred from watering their lawns except on Mondays, Thursdays, or Saturdays, and restaurants cannot serve water to customers unless they request it.

    In addition, Long Beach has ongoing prohibitions on watering between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. and hosing down sidewalks and driveways without specialized hoses.
    If you want to know how pathetic that is, read this ("water crises are never just about water; they are always interconnected with other social, political, economic, and environmental factors")

  6. Cool photos of Montreal's water, sewer and storm tunnels
H/Ts to RM and DV

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