6 Mar 2014

Speed blogging

"drawn by foot"
  1. Our LA Times op/ed on water and energy says lower water use means lower energy use (doh!). We estimate that ag water uses as much energy as San Diego

  2. Smart meters and time-of-use pricing have weak effects on energy consumers. These effects would weaken with water. Just meter and set one price that rises when conservation is necessary

  3. Average customer water use, by supplier, in California shows some pretty heavy numbers (400+ gallons/capita/day). SF comes in at 98gcd, LA @ 152 and San Diego @ 166. Monterey is at 146gcd, which is nearly triple the number I know from a consulting job. (Either I'm wrong/misinformed or the data are poorly specified.)

  4. Yes, methane gas in well-water (and flaming taps) DOES come from "natural" sources. Fracking cannot be blamed as often as it is

  5. USAID Toolkit: Water and Conflict


JBD said...

Simialr to your comment on item 3The data appears to be poorly specified based on info from consulting jobs....mixng in commercial uses is a big skew.

RM said...

The data are screwed up on the gallons per person per day in Monterey District of California American Water Co - average use right now is under 60 gppd (close to 58, actually) and if the SWRCB doesn't change its mind will go to 35 gppd in 2016. Makes me wonder what else is screwed up in the stats?

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