20 Mar 2014

PM2.5-The Pain of Breathing

Steven Kwok writes:*

In nowadays, most Chinese people concern about neither the increasing wages nor the prices, but a breath of fresh air. Since many regions in China especially in developed areas, the air pollution is very serious. The most famous air pollution is the haze problem, which is the most severe at the capital city of China—Beijing. The air quality in Beijing is very poor since the excessive PM2.5. Therefore, there are many new disease names have been created, for example “Beijing cough”, which is one kind of respiratory diseases caused by air pollution. Since the excessive pursuit of GDP growth at the expense of the environment, Beijing at present is same as a few decades ago in London and the result is health problem. In addition, the poor air quality gives a great inconvenience to the people in their daily lives, for instance people have to wear mask when they go outside so the masks become a necessity to Chinese nowadays. Thus, the people in China hope the Chinese government could introduce a policy of environmental protection, which includes energy conservation, and emission reduction and slow down in economic growth in order to say goodbye to PM2.5 and to give back us a blue sky and a fresh air.

Bottom Line: Do not sacrifice the environment for the growth of GDP

* These guest posts are from students in my resource economics class at Simon Fraser University. Please leave feedback on their logic, ideas and style and suggestions of how to improve.

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6590 said...

Beijing, as the capital city catches more attention on the air quality than average . The air condition in China is worth concerning in a lot of cities, and the pollution in China is mostly caused by coal consumption which is the main energy source for the whole country. You are right about the huge environmental expense the Chinese are paying for its economic growth, and the Chinese government probably struggle with the appropriate policy they should make since the coal combustion can boost the country's GDP. However, the government really needs to come up with some effective regulations to solve the problem, if not solvable in a short time, they should at least be able to reduce the harm.

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