13 Mar 2014

Overprotection or Lack of Protection?

UH writes:*

After reading the article of "A small breath of fresh air," I believed that Chinese Government should take full responsibility for the smog which is affecting much of Northern China. Instead of thinking the possible solutions to deal with serious smog, Chinese government tried to keep its own citizens uninformed about the possible harm to the human body which can be caused by smog.therefore government overprotected the information secretly about the level of pollution and a lack of protect people’s health condition caused by heavy smog.

However, It is a little bit late for government to take action after they get “caught”. The result of delaying take action of the problem would worsen the air condition and cost more to clean up as the air condition gradually worsen. If government could open up information about the emission level in the air then the public pressure will expect a better performance of improving air quality by government. Currently people suffered from heavy smog due to government hide and window-dress the problems of pollution by overprotected information.

Bottom Line: Government should pay more attention to regulate and monitor actions for improving the air quality instead of hiding the air condition information to its own citizens.

* These guest posts are from students in my resource economics class at Simon Fraser University. Please leave feedback on their logic, ideas and style and suggestions of how to improve.


1412 said...

Your blog is about Chinese current environmental problem of air pollution. Can you provide more information about the situation of air pollution in China? I think it will help us to understand how seriously of air pollution (eg. Smog) in China when you give us some background information. In your blog, it mentions government overprotect the information secretly about the level of pollution and a lack of protect people’s health condition caused by heavy smog. Can you provide more information about why the government does that? From the reason, readers might know government behaviours are wrong or right. In addition, you also mention the public pressure. You might give more information about how the public information could be works for improving air quality. The blog mentions many sub-points. If you can give a little more information for each sub-point, I think readers will more clearly understand your main idea.

Anonymous said...

From your blog post, I learned the government plays an important role in maintaining or changing the environmental situation, especially when China is suffering from serious smog. Information is necessary to guide our activities and should be open, which remind me of the effect of changing consumers' preferences, if citizens know the real quality of air, they may be more self-conscious. I think it is better if you can say something about the different reactions of people before and after being informed. The article provided evidence about Chinese government now setting standards about how much pollutions they can accept per unit of GDP. I think overly emphasizing GDP leads government to pay more attention on economic growth rather than cost of polluting, it can be a reason why they avoid saying “bad” effect (like smog) about growth. You said that "It is a little bit late for government to take action after they get “caught”." I agree with it, and I think sometimes, it is the problem of "sensitivity", which contains how fast government can get the information of what is happening outside and the degree of the level of technology and equipment we have. I think you can provide more ideas about it.
Yang Li

yuling hou said...

well. thank for your attention to my blog, and I am glad to answer them. it is reasonable to guess it is the enormous rise in private car ownership that produces so much exhaust gas. As a matter of fact, there is a surprisingly sharp trend that people are dying from lung cancers recent years.
for the intention of government doing so, I came up with two possibilities. it could be either governors don’t want to break people heart by the cruel fact of poor air quality or just afraid of the truth will cause public anger and social turbulence.
public should give government pressures to correct the issue. demonstration by environmental lovers is one of method to give government pressure to solve this smog problem.

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