11 Mar 2014

Human Activity = Global Warming

Billy Xu writes:*

There are news on global warming almost everyday on TV or in news papers; and I also discuss the topic with my friends, co-workers or classmates here and there somethings. However, it made me wondering that would I actually notice the world is getting warming without the efforts of public media or schools. Just image a world that nobody knows about global warming, and one day, some guy tells you the world is getting warmer because of human activity is producing too much CO2 into the environment; it would be non-sense too me. It is true the world is getting warmer based on historical data, but we still can't 100% predict the weather, thanks to weather forecast. In addition, there might be correlation between human emission of CO2 and global warming, but there are no strong evidence that suggest a direct linkage between CO2 and the raise of global temperature level.

Media and schools tell us the world is getting warming and this is probably true; however, is it all because of human activity? Who gets the benefits or incurs loses from such statement "the global warming issues is due to CO2 emission from human activity"? There are government regulations that controls emission of CO2; people are trading permits that allow them to produce more emission to the environment; commercial campaigns from different sources of media promote environmental sustainability; carbon taxes we have to pay to per litter of gas; alternative energy companies that sell their more environmental friendly products; and there are so much more to it. It seems that there are a lot of political and private groups are getting benefits from this statement, and who are the "Baptists" and "Bootleggers"; this could be an interest question to ask.

Bottom Line: Human activity contributes to the global warming but it is not to the extend that public media used to say.

* These guest posts are from students in my resource economics class at Simon Fraser University. Please leave feedback on their logic, ideas and style and suggestions of how to improve.