11 Mar 2014

How Breath Kill You

WY writes:*

Usually, breathing air is keeping to human alive; however, people in Beijing seems have a different opinion. In their perspective, breathing air in Beijing as a small bit of poison. PM 2.5, which content toxic organic compounds and heavy metals, in the long run, it will cause health problem and worse off the human body. The air pollution in Beijing is really terrible during those years. From the article “A small Breath of fresh air” from The Economist, "Pollutants in the air in Beijing have hit 40 times the level decreed safe by the World Health Organization."

Why the government of China still not will to work on it? The answer is simply; it is all about GDP. If the government forced the high pollution industries to improve their facilities or simply shut them down, it will cause China’s GDP decrease right the way, and affect the society in negative way. Eventually, government of China only can use bonus system to encourage companies to self-improve in future. Also, the government provides subsidy for electric cars, which is zero emission. Although those policies cannot improve the air condition right the way, during the time, the carbon dioxide release from China will decrease, which is better air condition for Beijing residents. In my opinion, the government should force the high emission industries around Beijing since the citizens’ health is more valuable and important than GDP.

Bottom Line: The government should apply some policies that will successfully control pollution in both short run and long run.

* These guest posts are from students in my resource economics class at Simon Fraser University. Please leave feedback on their logic, ideas and style and suggestions of how to improve.