3 Mar 2014

Here come the student posts!

I'm teaching resource (and environmental) economics at Simon Fraser University here in Vancouver. I've asked students in my third year class to write a blog post on an economic topic (hopefully a resource or environment topic) of their choice.

These posts will provide you with different perspectives (I will not agree with all of them) and help students discuss policy issues.

By my rough guess, a majority of my students are from China or have a Chinese background. These posts should be doubly-illuminating to people interested in the perspective of people who know a lot more about life in that region.

These posts are being graded (roughly 5-10 of the best/worst posts will get scores +/- above average scores) by me and several volunteers, but I am VERY happy to have you leave comments on the quality of their ideas (even their grammar!).

Students learn a lot more when disinterested parties (=not professor) weigh in. Please comment!