7 Mar 2014

Deforestation: Causes, Impacts, and Solutions

Ruoxue Summer Cheng writes:*

Deforestation is an important environmental issue in British Columbia, where lumber is a major economic export.

There are several reasons why deforestation occurs. Trees are cut down for lumber. Lumber can be exported, or used to make products like paper. There is huge consumer demand for paper. People use it for writing and printing, but also for paper towels for cleaning, and toilet paper for sanitation. The use of lumber is not, however, the only reason why deforestation occurs. Trees and forests are also cut down to create cleared land for farming and agriculture, as well as for new industrial developments. Sometimes forests are cleared to make room for residential or commercial properties.

There are major concerns related to deforestation. Clearing forests means that there are fewer plants to clean the air. Clearing trees can lead to erosion, since roots hold the soil in place. Cutting down forests also reduces opportunities for tourism. Some of these impacts are local, while others have global effects. The severe impacts mean that deforestation is a problem that needs to be solved.

Lumber is a renewable resource, and can be used responsibly if new forests are planted to replace the ones that are destroyed. Using recycled products can reduce the demand for paper. Other solutions involve regulations requiring loggers to plant new trees to replace cleared trees, or to prevent the destruction of old growth forests.

Bottom Line: If used sustainably, forests are a truly renewable resource.

* These guest posts are from students in my resource economics class at Simon Fraser University. Please leave feedback on their logic, ideas and style and suggestions of how to improve.

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Meng Zhao 9204 said...

Benefits: Let me know that there also exists the deforestation problem in BC.

In fact, the deforestation problem is a global issue that has been discussed for a long time in many countries. I also like to say some things based on the original article.

1. Impacts:

Photosynthesis is the most important role of trees release oxygen, the oxygen on Earth is relying on a lot of trees that is released from the photosynthesis of green plants, but they also absorb carbon dioxide. Without trees, or large-scale felling of trees, the whole earth would be due to excessive carbon dioxide, oxygen, too little and the greenhouse effect is getting worse.

Humans, plants and animals, cured of them are actually an interdependent " biosphere ", who cannot do without others. Humanity has been able to survive because of the ecological balance of the earth. If the human over-harvesting of trees, this will break the ecological balance, eventually bring to humanity's survival greatly affected.

2. Solutions:

Government to formulate a forest cutting quota. Limit consumption of forest harvesting forest is harvested. The maximum limit forest reserves, the implementation of core measures of forest cutting quota management are to control undue consumption of forest resources and the strengthening of the fundamental means of sustainable forest management. Implementation of timber harvesting on the consumption of goods, transportation, sales volume control, transportation, preparation unit annual sales volume of timber harvesting shall not exceed the assigned yearly quota of commercial timber harvesting, respectively.

Eliminate the use of disposable chopsticks. I found some restaurants in BC are still a lot of throwaway chopsticks appear. It is because of the customer demand for disposable chopsticks, which lead to the production of disposable chopsticks, felling of trees. I think reducing the use of disposable chopsticks than to reduce the use of paper to be easy. Of course, we need to let the restaurant owner know that the dangers of tree felling.

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