27 Mar 2014

Are we losing Winter Olympics?

Shengxi Cheng writes:*

Global warming is challenging the Winter Olympics Games. Even though audiences enjoy viewing the game in warm winters, but the Olympians are getting harder to present their best performances under inconsistent weathers. The reason for that is many athletes had to pay more attention on their safety rather than competing since the snow condition was too unstable (especially the snow gets very puffy when weather is not cold enough). I have read some news about one of the American skier who wrote an open letter last week about how the climate change has lead to a poorer condition for winter games, and there are over 100 Olympians in the 2014 Winter Olympics who have signed the letter. So, how could we do better in the future? According to “The Atlantic”, Olympians have informed many world leaders to reduce emission, promote clean energy operations, and speed up on finding solutions in the Climate Change Convention in 2015. If the global warming crisis cannot be solved, the Olympic organizers have to spend a whole year generate man-made snow, or host the event at Antarctica (If it is still cold enough). If that really happened, we will lose not only the Winter Olympic but also our lives.

Under the current circumstances, an enforcement on emission reduction could reduced the GDP (the most obvious way to see the industry development) in short-term. However it benefits the overall society as follow a way of long term sustainable development, every country has realize the severity of global warming problem, but it is difficult to stop because there are many barriers especially the heavy industry on underdeveloped countries. The Winter Olympic problem has redirect our focus to global warming, everyone should do own contribution for our environment.

Bottom Line: Global warming is stealing our Winter Olympic.

* These guest posts are from students in my resource economics class at Simon Fraser University. Please leave feedback on their logic, ideas and style and suggestions of how to improve.


1972 said...

theres way more negative effects from global warming,i dont think winter olympics should be put on the top of the worry list. In addition, i think you should talk more about the olympics from the economic perspective.

9797 said...

Thanks for your comment, I agree with you that there are more effects of global warming.
The reason I choose the Olympic topic is because Sochi Winter Olympic just ended last month and I believe it is a hot topic. Olympics may bring positive impacts for the host countries such as improving environment, creating better city construction, and improving transportation, tourism and real estate, but also promoting international reputation. Also, we can clearly see that hosting Olympic Game is a good opportunity for economic growth of the city because there will be increased amount of investment and the price of real property may increase. As the global warming problem gets worse we may lose the Winter Olympic, and lose the opportunity on the development of the economy.

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