7 Mar 2014

Anything but water

  1. The trash trade is WAY older than "recycling"

  2. Insects are far more complex than we understand, and their group behavior truly magnificent

  3. Yes, they are after you. US & UK spies conduct PsyOps against enemies of the State (us!). Estonia's government, meanwhile, has rearranged itself around technology and the internet to help citizens. XKCD offers some insight on how technology will save us

  4. How Iceland dumped its banks and saved its people

  5. "LEED certification is little more than a fancy plaque displayed by these ‘green’ buildings"

  6. UBER is disrupting the government-approved taxi cartel. Also read this article on the sharing capital-allocation economy


Naor Deleanu said...

I don't like LEED's points system very much and I know there is a lack of accountability to ensuring actual energy savings. That said, I wouldn't trust "LEED Exposed" for objective research.

David Zetland said...

@Naor -- True, but then should you trust a LEED specialist for objectivity? :)

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