17 Mar 2014

Anything but water

  1. Pleasant places to live may help find places (in the US) to AVOID when climate change turns up the variation

  2. The economics of the sex (and drugs and guns) trade

  3. WTF? "Alberta Partners with Major Oilsands Companies to Develop Kindergarten to Grade Three Curriculum" (it gets worse)

  4. Painful winter = higher energy bills. Yes, that's another "problem" with climate change

  5. Enron of the Year: Chesapeake Energy screws landowners on fracking royalties by transferring its network to a shell company and billing itself to reduce profits and royalties

  6. Climate change will reduce fish size (higher temperatures) and drive them crazy (Ph imbalance)
H/T to CD

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JBD said...

Re #3

In California I've noticed many of the Save Water handouts provided to public elementary school students over the years have been sponsored by the home building lobbying groups. Their logo is even proudly included (in the fine print) on the back of the pamphlets. Message: Save water so the environment benefits (and we can build more houses without incurring the costs of mitigating the impacts of new users on the watershed).

OK policy if everyone is transparantly on board, but to have my kids indoctronated to make me feel guilty for not subsidizing developers.....really?

And, taking it to the next level, the State actually requires local agencies to promote such "curriculum enhancement" as part of urban water planning (or not qualify for State water funding). A bit of the Baptist/Bootlegger mix, I think.

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