13 Mar 2014

Anything but water

  1. Academics "show" [pdfs] people pay less for airline tickets when shopping online, employment subsidies stimulate bureaucracy instead of employment, biofuel policies interfere with global grain markets, and consumers do NOT respond to marginal electricity prices (they look at average price) -- another reason to avoid IBRs for water!

  2. Mathbabe wants data-literate journalists to catch those who lie with data

  3. Want to help hungry people? Food handouts are worst, cash is better, but coupons (food stamps) are best

  4. Economics needs a rethink, away from rational, homo economicus and towards man as a social beast. This post discusses why PhDs may want to work as janitors. I agree

  5. Apple's CEO says climate deniers should sell Apple stock. That's better than triple bottom lines

  6. Consumers, as I predicted, are moving away from (lying) brands and towards goods recommended by their friends. Facebook is trying to screw all that up, but I'm not going for their "like" BS.

H/T to RM

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