3 Mar 2014

Anything but water

  1. Calomiris and Haber explain America's populist tradition of allowing banks to fail (voters enjoy the benefits of inflated hopes but ignore the costs they end up paying)

  2. Jon Stewart calls Nancy Pelosi's lie. Democrats are just as corrupt

  3. The VP of Strategy from News Corp (Fox, Wall St Journal, Times and Sun, The Australian) argues that editorial needs to let advertising "help" with content. The media can't provide quality information if it's not making money, right? This journalist debates that question, and the Guardian goes for "membership" as a growth strategy.* Megan McArdle, meanwhile, explains how procrastinating writers balance between laziness and terror

  4. Brains do not manipulate objects like computers; they cascade pattern recognition. Development economics should allow for pattern discovery (one industry leads to another) rather than engineering the "right" path

  5. 15 Things That Emotionally Strong People Don’t Do

  6. Henry George argued for a tax based on land values in 1879. I favor a similar tax on the value of land AND improvements because it's progressive, simple to administer and unlikely to distort behavior. The tax makes even more sense if more wealth flows towards Das Kapital and the masses are supported by a Basic Income. Related: It may be possible to ignore wealth inequality if we had more respect

* I support this strategy over advertising -- even if it does initially rely on ads; facebook doesn't even try -- because it defines WHO is the customer and WHO is the product. Speaking of FB, this video explains how Facebook attracts (and encourages) fake Likes. FB is also using its data to compare FB activity and people's lives, e.g., "two people who are about to be a couple" have a surge of mutual linking activity just before they go "in a relationship." Activity then drops off, presumably because they are in bed :)

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