10 Mar 2014

145 Trans Link Bus Can Kick the Dust

1038 writes:*

If the 145 Trans Link bus could disappear and be replaced by a gondola, that would be great. The experience of riding the tedious and painfully slow 145 that heads up the Burnaby Mountain to Simon Fraser University is not only inconvenient for an acclaimed communal university but also not favorable to the environment. Four “sorry bus full” buses pass you by, whereas if there were a gondola, a lot more people would be able to be transported up and down the mountain more efficiently.

Why the proposal to build a gondola is not moving at a faster pace is an important question. Yes it is expensive, yes there are debates on who will pay for the project and yes towers will be built developing concerns about surrounding wildlife but who cares! A gondola means six minutes off the commute, fewer delays, less air pollution and a happier student population.

Bottom Line: Just build the gondola already!

* These guest posts are from students in my resource economics class at Simon Fraser University. Please leave feedback on their logic, ideas and style and suggestions of how to improve.