19 Feb 2014

Yep. We've got that drought covered

We stopped for a glass of wine at the airport in southern California...

Me: How many glasses do you pour from a bottle?
Waitress: Depends. You can pour 4-6 at home
M: No. How much wine in your pour?
W: We pour 5.5 ounces
M: Oh, and how many ounces in a bottle?
W: 750ml*
M: [facepalm]

Me: Can I get a glass of water?
Waiter: Yes. Do you want San Pellegrino or Fiji? With Lemon?
M: No. I just want tap water
W: Oh sorry. There's a drought so we push the bottles
M: I don't think San Pellegrino is going to solve this drought

* There are 25.4 oz in 750ml, i.e., 4.6 glasses. 5 or 6 pours from a bottle is a rip off.


  1. This didn't actually happen, right? Not that I'd be that surprised if it did.

  2. @Naor -- Yes, it did. That's a verbatim transcript. I was laughing my ass off as I wrote it down.


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