3 Feb 2014

Super America?

Although I am pleased to see teams from two legal marijuana states in the Super Bowl, I agree that this video [link fixed!] evokes a higher image of the real Americans,* the natives who were here before the Americas were taken from them by Europeans. The only crime worse than murder is genocide, and I'd prefer that (North, Central and South) Americans did more to acknowledge its presence and remediate its facts.**

* I see how "Redskins" may have been acceptable, even complimentary, 50+ years ago, but the people who bore that name no longer think so.

** I asked an expert in First Nations water quality why the Canadian federal government did not provide (or protect) clean water water for the First Nations, as it had agreed to do. She said that the responsibility was delegated to provinces that had not directed resources to meeting those minimums. The First Nations have, in other words, fallen through one of the largest cracks in Canadian history. It's a pity that government failure continues to harm them. Terry Anderson suggests that dignity will return with sovereignty, but I can see why a bunch of white guys wouldn't like that.

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