10 Feb 2014

Speed blogging

  1. Do you know what's in your building's water tank? Yuck

  2. Mexico City tries to tip the balance by requiring that restaurants serve safe (=filtered) tap water. That move may ween customers off of bottled water and soda. Next step: public, end-of-pipe water quality testing

  3. These academics explain how farmers on the Ogallala expanded their production until they were vulnerable to drought [pdf], i.e., they went to the margin; farmers off the aquifer stuck with drought-tolerant (and thus less risky) crops

  4. Janice Beecher explains that utility performance depends less on private vs public than on regulation and governance [pdf]

  5. Who are the "winners" from climate change? Financial speculators
H/Ts to BB and DL


  1. I would like to see your comments on the Sunday NYT story - "Texans Answer Call to Save Water, Only to Face Higher Rates."

  2. @Steven -- old problem...



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