6 Feb 2014

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BB sent the following summary of California water management:
Congressman Tom McClintock: Farmers before smelt – 1.6 million acre feet of water was flushed into the Pacific last year to preserve smelt, water that the farmers on the Westside should have had this year to grow their crops. The farm business is far more important to California’s economy than smelt. We should build the Auburn Dam!


Congressman John Garamendi: Congress (i.e. the Republican House) is overriding 30 years of water planning and allocation in California to benefit the southern San Joaquin Valley counties at the expense of Northern California water users – and not putting up one dime of money to help with the problem. Essentially it is a forced reallocation by Congress of water that heretofore was a 10th Amendment state domain.

Ringside: Jerry Brown is freaking out.
Bottom Line: Water markets would make it easier for human users to redirect water to where it has value, reducing the "need" to take water from Nature that should be left to flow. Hopefully, Governor Brown will turn to markets before warring Congress-critters tear California apart.


Wayne Lusvardi said...

Whoever BB is has the story wrong.

1,268,000 acre feet of water was spilled for salmon runs on the Trinity River in 2013 and San Joaquin River in 2012. Smelt was not an issue as far as is known.

Congressman John Garamendi OPPOSED the spilling of water from Trinity Lake for salmon runs for the Democratic Party constituencies of Indian tribes and sports fishermen. Read Rep. Garamendi's letter to Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell here:


David Zetland said...

@Wayne -- he's opposed to democratic fish?

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