25 Feb 2014

Bleg: Funding for MSc students?

DG sent me this email:
I've just been accepted to pursue my masters degree in Water Conflict Management at the UNESCO-IHE based in Delft, Netherlands...

So Mr. Zetland, the reason for this email is that I am having trouble. UNESCO-IHE is everything I've hoped for to continue my education however the problem is that all of the scholarships/fellowships available, except for one, is directed towards developing country students or United States citizens are not eligible for application. The one that I can apply for through the 'Rotarian foundation' does not want to support me locally due to the fact that I do not want to continue living in my home town after my graduate degree.

Does the international community think that citizens from developed industrial nations are all wealthy and affluent?? I assure you that I am not and my parents are not as well and have to work an additional two restaurant jobs just to pay the bills. Tuition and room and board are quite high.

Can you suggest any sources of (grant) money to pursue my education?
Please leave your financial aid suggestions (for Americans or other citizens of "rich" countries) in the comments. I know that I'd give this can do guy the benefit of the doubt for the first year, but I don't control grant money :-\


  1. http://www.duo.nl/particulieren/international-student/default.asp
    1. Study grant or;
    2. Grant for tuition fees

  2. You can get student loans for overseas study. A google search turned up this option:


  3. Great! I look into these new Leads.
    Thank you Sander and Alanna.


  4. http://www.kcl.ac.uk/study/pg/funding/sources/pgt.aspx

    www.uea.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/taught-degree/detail/msc-water-security-and-international-development is recommended.


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