19 Feb 2014

Bargaining for change?

I was offered a position on the editorial board of the Future of Food Journal (meaning I work for free, refereeing their papers). I was interested because the journal (1) publishes young researchers, (2) is interdisciplinary, and (3) is open access, but I wanted more than nothing for my contribution, so I made this offer:
I will serve on the board with one requirement: authors of future published articles will summarize their articles for the general public in a blog post. This requirement will take about 2-4 hours, at most, but it must be obligatory (editorial board policy), as academics -- even young scholars -- often pursue de minimus effort when it comes to non-research activities.

Please let me know if the journal will implement this policy, which will be beneficial to scholars as well as the public. Old-school scholars may be skeptical of the value of blog communications, but they are still thinking of paradigms dating from the 19th century.
After throwing down THAT gauntlet, I got this:
Our editorial board welcomed your suggestion. We will implement this policy in our blog site. All future authors will be asked to summarize their research papers into blog posts.

...except that I now have a paper to referee :-\

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