25 Feb 2014

Anything but water

So much good stuff!
  1. Insightful Bitcoin spoof on the dodgy dollar
  2. The rise of the libertarians (frightens media), anti-immigrant US regulations, and the very-real threat to white collar jobs (time for some serious tax transfers)
  3. We don't learn how we're taught
  4. Very logical: We can't geoengineer our way out of global warming
  5. Oh shit: Natural gas may NOT be climate-friendly
  6. Backwards: Canada's government is not making money on fracking -- industry is.
H/T to MS


  1. And just like that, $350M of Bitcoin vanishes. Just like real money!


  2. Yep. The great thing about BTC is that you can keep coins "under the mattress"... Mt. Gox is a real warning about trusting $ to banks. The banking system has fewer problems b/c they've been robbed for centuries and have insurance and legal recourse. BTC's advantage -- international fungability -- is a disadvantage in that area...


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