10 Jan 2014

Time to learn some resource economics!

I'm teaching resource economics to undergrads at Simon Fraser University this semester.

My 362 class will apply basic microeconomics to natural resources and -- inevitably -- environmental goods.

I'm running my 482 class as a seminar in which the students will teach ME about resource issues.

Many students are from China, so we're going to get into issues in that country (eerie parallels with the US!).

You can watch YouTube videos of the lectures for 362 or play/download MP3s for either class.

If you want to get up to speed on these issues, then I recommend my videos (Really! My 2009 UC Berkeley class has 10,000+ views per lecture!). Be sure to ask questions via email or YouTube comments.

Students will be guest blogging here in March. That should be interesting!


  1. Nice going. I will try to catch up when I can.

  2. @Eric -- Don't wait too long. Like my students, you may have a hard time catching up. (But you don't need to worry about grades, so just start when you can and skim until you find interesting stuff :)


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